Karpet and Flooring Mart would like to welcome you to our site. We can assume you have a type of flooring or carpet project you need to finish if you're here. Karpet and Flooring Mart have over 30 years experience in all areas of flooring and a great reputation in the Troy Michigan region. We can service residential and commercial projects, and offer thousands of options for flooring. Our store is delivered to your home, making it the most convenient way to buy flooring or carpeting. We can help with any kind of project, including hardwood floors, tile flooring and laminate flooring. You will receive better service and a lower price at our store than you would find in a traditional carpet shop or big-box stores. All of our flooring products are mill-direct, which allows us to pass on those savings to you.

We are known for our outstanding reputation in Troy, Michigan for providing excellent flooring. We get most of our calls from customers who have referred others to us. We strive to offer great customer service at an affordable price and a wonderful experience. From the initial call to us to the completion of your flooring project, we think you'll love it all. Call us today to get started.

Carpet Pricing | Flooring Pricing
Karpet and Flooring Mart brings our showroom to you. We will bring samples to your home and provide a quote and a measure for your project. You will save money compared to the carpet stores or big-box stores. Traditional carpet stores have a high overhead, which includes rent, utilities and inventory. Working with professionals like Karpet and Flooring Mart, we can take these savings and pass them along to our customers as lower prices. We are confident that you will receive a higher quality flooring or carpet at a cheaper price than if you buy it at a carpet shop or large box stores such as Lowes or Home Depot. We also purchase our flooring directly from the mill, so we don't have to pay any middlemen or wholesalers a markup fee for carpet or floors. We are confident that you will be happy when you call us for a quote on your next floor project.

Awards and Honors
Metro Detroit Review named Karpet and Flooring Mart a top Carpet Store on June 3, 2021. This was a local online newspaper. We would like to thank all those who voted for us in Troy MI, as well as our customers and friends. We are committed to providing excellent flooring at an affordable price.

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Karpet and Flooring Mart are experts in carpeting. There are many options available, and each one is priced according to the job. We have the right carpet for you if you need a basic, inexpensive carpet for your basement or home. We offer a variety of carpet options, including a middle-of-the-road carpet and a high-end luxurious carpet.

We have a variety of styles to choose from, including Berber, plush and level-cut nylon carpet. There are literally thousands of colors to choose from. We would be happy to send as many samples as you need to match your walls and furniture. A new carpeting project is incomplete without carpet padding. Karpet and Flooring Mart offer a variety of carpet padding in varying prices and qualities. Our specialists can help you choose the right carpet padding for your project. Call us today to get some great carpeting.

Hardwood Floors
Karpet and Flooring Mart are experts in installing hardwood floors. Hardwood floors add beauty and class to a home or business. If properly maintained, hardwood floors can last up to 30 years. This is a much better option than other types of flooring. Hardwood flooring is an excellent choice. We offer hundreds of colors and types of wood planks in a variety of sizes and colors. It can be dangerous to have someone who has never installed hardwood floors before. Karpet and Flooring Mart's hardwood flooring installers are highly skilled and have years of experience. We will come to your place to pick out your hardwood floors. Give us a shout today!


Laminate Floors | Tile Floors
There are many options for tile flooring and laminate floors that you can choose from. In the past few years, the Tile Flooring and Laminate Flooring industries have grown significantly. The products are more affordable than hardwood floors and have a stunning look and feel. Our specialists can visit your home or place of business to help you choose the right type of flooring. We'll consider traffic patterns, weather conditions, pets, and other factors that can help us make the best recommendations for you. Karpet and Flooring Mart will save you money on your next Laminate Floors and Tile Floors project.

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Karpet and Flooring Mart are the most reputable Carpet Stores in the Metro Detroit Area. We are the right place to go if you need new flooring. Our store is delivered to your home, making it the most convenient way to buy carpet or flooring. Our experience spans over 30 years and we offer a better price than traditional carpet stores. Our experts will visit your place and give you a quote. Our specialists will come to you and provide a better service than visiting a carpet shop. Karpet and Flooring Mart has thousands of options for both flooring and carpeting. We can also bring samples to match your walls and furniture. We are available for appointments on weekends and evenings and will work around your busy schedule. Call us today to start the process of your next flooring project.

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Ask us about special discounts or promotions that we may offer from time to time. We offer flooring or carpet installation free of charge. We also offer discounts on floor removal or carpet padding. We are the best floor and carpet store in Canton Michigan. We are the best carpet and floor store in Canton Michigan. Call us today to find out more. We strive to provide a positive experience starting with your first call and ending with the installation of your floors or carpet. Our business comes largely from referrals from customers. Our reputation is well-known in the Canton MI community. We've been in the flooring and carpeting business for more than ten years. We are eager to serve your carpeting and flooring needs.

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